Our solution is for organisations and companies.

Strengthens the community feeling in the organisation and the group

Staff in Motion is a team competition with common wellness goals, both for the team and the individual. Packed with inspirational features like the wellness diary, team pages, leaderboards and quizzes.

Supports the unique needs of the individual

We are all different. A modern wellness service meets the individual’s needs based on his or her motivation and ability. Personalised and relevant. Our smart recommendation engine, based on data from tens of thousands of users, offers a more varied and personalised journey towards each person’s health goals. Ultimately this means more participants, stronger results and a better contribution to the profitability of your organization.

All your healthy choices count

Why limit yourself to just steps or minutes when wellness consists of so much more than just exercise? Once we start moving, usually the motivation to improve our diet and reduce our stress is also increased. We provide the possibility to focus on the big picture and what is important and relevant to you as an individual, while all your healthy choices still contribute to the points of your team. You get points for being physically active, correctly answering our educational quizzes and by taking on our fun health assignments.


The content is based on evidence-based research. Our wellness goals and health assignments are developed by health and behavioural science experts.

With or without hardware

100% digital. We offer solutions for both iPhone and Android. Digitally you do not have to deal with administration and distribution of hardware and you can get started quickly with a few clicks. Do you need to order activity bracelets or pedometers? Contact us for a discussion, the choice is yours and it depends on how your workplace is organised.

80% improve their physical state

We reach people and make a difference. 80% improve their physical state, 70% improve their healthy eating habits and 50% feel more rested after a night’s sleep. Even in the group that specifies the lowest starting values for physical health, sleep and diet. Fairly amazing results! Our dashboard ties it all together and serves you charts and KPIs which show you the results of your efforts as well as give you new insights.

80% improve their physical state
70% improve their healthy eating habits
50% feel more rested after a night's sleep
33% experiencing reduced stress

Are you ready to replenish the energy in your workplace?